North Shore
Real Estate Academy

Refunds: If you will be unable to attend the course, you must cancel your reservation at least one week prior to the course. Anything cancellations received less then one week to start of course will receive attendance to another course at a later date.

                  Weekend Classes  

Start:           Coming in June


Days:       Saturday & Sunday

Time:       9am-7pm

Length:    2 weekends

Location: 16 Pleasant Street Revere


              Night Class

Start:     April 2nd & April 4th 2018

End:       May 2nd 2018

Days:      Monday &  Weds

Time:       6pm-10pm

Length:   5 weeks

Location:  494 Lowell Street  Peabody  

Our Classes

                   Day Classes 

Start:  ​   April 24th 2018 & April 26th 2018

End:           May 23rd  2018
Days:            Tues & Thurs

Time:             10am-2pm     

Length:          5 weeks
Location:  494 Lowell Street West Peabody​                   


            Pre-Licensing  Class

Start:   November 2nd 2017
End:    December 7th 2017
Days:  Tues & Thursday

Time : 5:30-9:30pm

Length:  5 weeks
Location: 200 Rockingham Road                     Londonderry, NH