Refunds: If you will be unable to attend the course, you must cancel your reservation at least one week prior to the course. Anything cancellations received less then one week to start of course will receive attendance to another course at a later date.


                   Day Class 

Start:  ​    December 3rd 2018

End:      December 19th 2018
Days:      Monday Weds & Thursday

Time:             10am-3pm 

Length:       3 days a week

Location:  494 Lowell Street Peabody 


Call Richie Palladino to register over phone      1-800-409-2575          



                             Night Class



Days:                Classes in Revere 2019



Location:   16 Pleasant Street Revere

Call Richie Palladino to register over phone






               Weekend Classes

Start:     November 30th, Dec 1 & 2 2018

​End:       December 9th 2018

Days:     Friday, Sat & Sunday

Time:     Fri 6-10pm Sat & Sun 8am-6pm

Length:        2 weekends

Location:  494 Lowell Street Peabody

Call Richie Palladino to register over phone.    1-800-409-2575


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New Hampshire Real Estate License

Get your New Hampshire Real Estate License by Visiting or by calling Anne Flanagan at 603-CALL-ANN (603-225-5266) to enroll in their Flex Schedule Course or Take the Course online.  

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